SPO – Lab#5

Algorithm Selection


In this lab we are going to look at a few different algorithms to enhance the volume of audio samples. For this, we will use an array of signed integers to simulate as sound samples.


Potential Algorithms:

  1. Floating point multiplication
  2. Fixed point multiplication
  3. Look up tables


In the Floating Point algorithm, we will use a floating point number and use it to multiply the existing values by iterating through the loop and changing the values that are already there.


In Fixed Point Multiplication, we will take a decimal value representing the volume factor and multiply it by a binary number to get a fixed-point integer. We’ll then use this number to change the values in the array.


In the Look-up Table method, we pre calculate all the possible value of the volume factor and save it in memory. This increases the memory usage as the pre-calculated values have to be retained in the memory so that they can be accessed by the program quickly.

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