SPO – Lab#4

Writing Assembler Code


This lab is about writing the code in assembler and compiling the code successfully. In this lab, I’ll be writing code to iterate through a loop and print values from 00-30.

Following is the code used for this lab.

Screenshot from 2018-12-12 21-14-33


During this lab, I specifically had problems getting the 2-digit numbers to properly print onto the console.

The experience of debugging in Assembler was a nightmare. I had never written code in assembler before and I now know why no one ever told me to get my hands dirty with assembler.

In other high level programming languages, you can check if you’re making mistakes  in your logic by adding debugging print statements to output the results of calculations or inputs. But in assembler doing that was next to impossible for me. I was unable to get the code to even compile properly so the logic debugging was not really my first priority.

Although, once I got more comfortable with assembler, I was able to do walkthroughs like I’d do on any other language and ultimately completed the lab.

From my experience with assembler, I’d say no language is too tough to learn.

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